Which one to grade?


Please grade Blue. and Pretty Ugly in more detail. 


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Persian blue. Sky blue. Dark blue. Navy blue. Pale blue. Baby blue. Lime green blue. Greenish blue. Purplish blue.

There are a lot of blues in this world- the dark blue of the deep ocean, the lively blue of blueberry, and even the aquamarine shaded blue of laundry detergents. However, by women, some blue is more loved than others. 

What blue? None other than the Tiffany blue.

From long ago, Tiffany was an admirable fine jewelry  brand. Naturally, women love jewelry: women referred to them as “small and shiny things.” Well, this remarkable brand of “small and shiny things” became a milestone for fine jewelry history. 

Tiffany has a signature color. What would this be? You’ve guessed correct. It is the Tiffany blue. From shopping bags to wrapping boxes, Tiffany effectively utilized this alluring blue hue to attract even more customers. Now, whenever people see this blue hue, they instantly think of blue.


It is sort of like, classical conditioning in psychology. You know, Pavlov’s famous dog experiment. It is amazing how much such “small and shiny things” can have such magnificent impact on people. Even though the inside might not exactly be the “small and shiny thing,” just the signature blue color of Tiffany is more than enough to make a girl happy. Now, everybody, at least the ladies, love this hue. 

Don’t you want it too?

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What is this?

This is a ladybug on a tree.

Art is a wonderful thing: it makes you do things you would normally never do. 

In this artwork that I’ve created, I’ve painted a simple ladybug on a green background. I have to admit: it was a pretty boring piece of artwork. If I just finished this artwork at such boring state, it would have been called “this is a ladybug on a green piece of paper.”

However, I did not. By adding actual leaves from trees in my garden, I have done much more than creating a simple art work: I’ve added value to my work. By adding leaves from my own tree, I’ve personified the artwork to suit my desires. Also, now that there are leaves added, nobody can create the same artwork that I have made. When paint was the only media used for this artwork, anyone could easily replicate it. However, since I’ve personified it using my leaves, no one can replicate it completely. 

The addition of leaves made it…

more artsy,

more interesting,

more pleasing, 

and more me.

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Comparing Dracula and Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


People use this word all the time. However, what is the real definition of evil? In Dracula, and Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the power of evil is portrayed differently. 

In Dracula, Jonathan Harker and this crew work cooperatively together to save Mina and exterminate Dracula. Although there were numerous ups and downs along the way, and Lucy died, the good characters manage to kill the evil Dracula at the end. After all those hardships, the good side triumphed over the evil. 

However, this does not hold true in Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Dr. Jekyll starts out as Dr. Jekyll- he is a notable doctor and a respected member of the society. However, unable to resist showing the bad side, Dr. Jekyll creates a potion that is able to turn him into Mr. Hyde, who performs all the bad deeds behind everyone’s back. By this point, it is pretty clear that Dr. Jekyll represents the good side and Mr. Hyde is the evil side. Although many readers would have hoped for a happy ending, Mr. Hyde eventually gains complete victory over Dr. Jekyll. He becomes so overpowering that Dr. Jekyll cannot ever return back to Dr. Jekyll again. Here, the evil clearly won over the good side.

As described above, the meaning and power of evil, judging from the overall comparison, is still quite questionable.

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A Necessary Addiction

Imagine a day without cellphones. 

Cell phones became a necessary addiction in our daily lives. From morning to sunset, cell phones are distinctively attached to us. Whether is it a simple phone call from your friend or an urgent message from a teacher / boss, cell phones effectively deliver messages quickly and efficiently. 

Throughout the modern history, cellular phone devices kept on updating its profile. First, the very first model of cell phones was huge: t looked more like a brick or a weapon from far away. As time went on, more styles of cell phones came in the market. 

Nowadays, cell phones are available in bar form, slide form, or even just the regular open-the-fold form. Currently, touch phones are a definite fad. As Apple launched the IPhone, many other “rival” companies, such as Samsung and Sky, have decided to come up with touch phones as well.  

Cellphones are not always the best things in the world. It is a proven fact that too much talk on the cellphone can actually cause health problems such as brain cancer. Also, cell phone bills may cause people some serious troubles as well. 

Still, we are addicted to cell phones.

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Pretty Ugly.

Meet the Uglys!

Do you know about ugly dolls? Ugly dolls are a popular brand of stuffed toys made by a couple. The story of creation for the ugly dolls goes like this:

David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim, a Korean women were dating couples. However David was obliged to go stay in the US for an year while Sun-Min remained in Korea. Since Sun-Min was sad by the fact that they were to be separated for an entire year, she decided to make a little orange stuffed doll. After carefully sewing and making this doll, she named the doll “Wage.” When David received Wage, he admired it very much and came up with a splendid idea: what if him and Sun-Min were to create a whole collection of these dolls? In 2001, Wage marked the official beginning of ugly dolls.

Take a look around a classroom full of book bags. There should be at least two or three bags with a little colorful stuffed doll hanging on it. More that likely, these are ugly dolls. Now, since there are so many different ugly dolls, these there is a town, Ugly Town, and an entire universe, Uglyverse, dedicated to these charming little characters.

Lets take a closer look at the individual characters. What one would notice right away is this: these characters do not directly resemble any single animal or humans. Indeed Oxy, resembles an octopus, but it has three eyes. Of course, Babo’s Bird looks like a bird, but it has two adorable front teeth. This indicates why the name of this doll collection, Ugly Dolls, is not a misnomer.

However, although these dolls are actually called Ugly dolls, they aren’t really “ugly” at all. They are a charming, sweet, and lovable bunch, each with a specific, interesting story behind it. When one buys these Ugly dolls, he/she will find a story attached to these dolls. For instance, here is a line by line story narration of Mrs. Kasooki, a doll married to Mr. Kasooki:

“Mrs. Kasoogi is the boss in the family. She makes sure things run without snags and she keeps Mr. Kasoogi out of the cookie jar. That way there’s more for her! Mrs. Kasoogi demands respect and attention. Attention to details! Small details such as where to find buried treasure, paranormal evidence, the secret to life, the secret to your best recipes and the secret to finding enough time in the day to get things done. Things like naps.” Now, isn’t this adorable?

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Now that we’ve acknowledged that fact that chocolate brings joy and happiness around the world, lets look at a more specific type of chocolate: the famous Hershey’s chocolate

Hershey’s is probably the top most famous chocolate producing and manufacturing company in the world. The full, real, name for Hershey’s is The Hershey Company. This company originated on February 9, 1894 with its headquarters currently located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, which is definitely not a surprise. The current CEO is David J. West.

The Hershey’s provides its customers with a wide variety of chocolate products ranging from:

1. Simple chocolate bars
2. Hershey’s kisses
3. Nuts products

Now this is where I want to put the focus on. Hershey’s just recently launched a Mauna Loa nut product in cooperation with tropical companies with their aids on nut products. This is a proposed risks, since a large proportion of customers may be at risk of nut allergies. However, it is a new challenge for the famous Hershey’s company to solve and win through. Two thumbs up to you!

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Everybody in this world undoubtedly loves chocolate. Chocolate is sweet, delicious, and even mood brightening. According to the application dashboard dictionary, chocolate is defined as “a food preparation in the form of a paste or solid block made from roasted and ground cacao seeds, typically sweetened.” However, this dictionary definition does not even begin to describe the immense world of chocolates.
There are numerous types of chocolates in the world.

There are bar type of chocolate

or small block like chocolate

or even liquid type chocolate

No matter what the form is, one thing is for certain: all chocolate bring love and happiness.

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The vice and virtue behind the three notorious acronym: SAT.

Although SAT is an important assessment that determines a major part of getting accepted into great colleges, it is definitely not flawless. SAT accounts for the most disputable standardized examinations of this century. It has been said, whether it is true or not, that SAT overestimates the study levels of blacks and Hispanics while it underestimates that of Asians. This counts for a disputable factor: fairness.

The main point of standardized test is simple: to be fair. No matter how easy or difficult the test is, the test just must be fair. If the test is biased or advantageous to any one side or group of persons, the test is rather disqualified for standardized examination. However, whether SAT is a fair and equal test that tests equally for all people is still at a heated debate process.

Another key factor that undermines SATs is the fact that it is too much pressure on the students. SAT is basically stating that the student’s particular performance on the three hours of test day that day determines whether or not the student will actually succeed in college. This is not at all accurate. What if the student is very intelligent but has no independent skills necessary for living, then, despite the possible high SAT scores, the student will most likely become a college drop out. Hence, SAT might not be the most accurate and fair way to access one’s knowledge about such broad topics.

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Arts of Beverages

Are you familiar with the term: latte art?

Latte art is defined as the art on top of espresso or other coffee drawn by latte cream. Latte art gives a visual happiness as well as the drinking happiness that is granted by drinking the actual coffee. There are many types of latte art. Latte art can be as simple as this one:

Or, latte art can have cute characters such as this monkey in this one:

Others may look like this too:

Believe it or now, the fragrance of of coffee has seeped deep into our daily lives now and seems like the art behind it needs some recognition as well.

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